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Great Lakes Regional 2018


The Great Lakes Regional Auditions was a celebration in honor of Linn Maxwell Keller, a local singer and actress who was known not only for her performance skills but for her tireless advocacy of music.

Linn was especially well-known for her teaching skills, bringing out the best in her students. Because of her passionate commitment to joy in singing, we are privileged to name the 2018 Great Lakes Regional Auditions in her honor.

Winners 2018

Alan Cline -Baritone - $5000

(Advancing to semi-finals NY April 2018)

Joel Edward Allison - Bass Baritone - $3000

Moises Salzar - Tenor - $1000

Audience Choice Award  2018

Moises Salzar - Tenor - $500

Participants 2018

Moises Salzar - Tenor

Melissa Peiou -Messa Soprano

Alan Cline -Baritone

Janani Sridhar - Soprano

Joel Edward Allison - Bass Baritone

Margaret Newcomb - Soprano

Joseph Leppek - Tenor

Judges 2018

Gayletha NIchols

James Meena

Roger Pines

The activities, cash awards, and expenses for judges are all provided by private donation from donors within the district.
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